Sunday, May 5, 2013

Batch Files to Restart Services on Windows

Batch file to restart IIS
@echo off
REM - File: iisrestart.bat
REM - Description: Restart's IIS (Web, FTP, SMTP)
REM - Author: Pete Freitag
REM - ADD REM comments if you don't want to restart any
REM - of Services
echo Restarting IIS...
echo ======================================================
net stop "World Wide Web Publishing Service"
net start "World Wide Web Publishing Service"
net stop "FTP Publishing Service"
net start "FTP Publishing Service"
net stop "Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP)"
net start "Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP)"
echo ======================================================
echo IIS Restarted

Bat files are handy because you can restart multiple services with one command. You can either double click the bat file to run it, schedule it, or throw it in c:\windows\system32 and then run it from anywhere in the command prompt or (Start->Run)

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